Monday, March 31, 2014

WHY SUSPENSION TRAINING??? Here are 5 major benefits...

Here are a  few benefits that you will experience from a suspension training workout.
  1. Simplicity. if you are just beginning a lifestyle change and looking to get active or if you are an elite fitness freak. Suspension training is the easiest system that I have ever known when it comes to adjusting your workouts to meet your strength, flexibility and level of coordination. To increase or decrease the difficulty level of any suspension training exercise all you must do is alter the angle of the exercise to make it easier or more difficult.
  2. Compact. if space is limited for gym equipment then a suspension trainer is a good fit for you. You can attach the suspension trainer to any wall or ceiling in your home and when you are not busting out reps you can easily move it off to the side or remove it completely and store it. You have a few options for mounting a suspension trainer but make sure that you invest in a quality mount as you will be suspending your body weight from it. If your mounting system fails it could result in injury. 

These pics illustrate a mounting system called "The Silencer". Its name is derived from its original intended use which is to reduce the noise and vibration caused by the pounding of a heavy bag workout (not a fart). This mount is designed to hold a minimum of a 200 pound punching bag during all of the abuse that a fighter can unleash on it. Having said that, The Silencer mounting system will easily support the weight of a 200 pound man through a suspension training workout. Yes, I am speaking from experience and still working hard to get back to my fighting weight of 185 pounds. 


     3.  Stabilizer Muscles. are responsible for the body's athletic ability like balance, agility and coordination. Suspension training is notorious for working the stabilizer muscles very well. An indicator of how hard your stabilizer muscles are working is while performing a single rep of any suspension exercise your muscles will shake uncontrollably. Those of you that use suspension training on a regular basis think back to your first experience with suspension training and recall the uncontrollable shake. Shaking minimizes as your stabilizer muscles become stronger and relatively speaking your athletic ability will have noticeably improved.
    4. Core Muscles are engaged with every suspension training exercise. This is significant because all athletic power come from the hip. Visualize throwing a baseball, swinging a bat, throwing a punch or taking a slap shot in hockey. All of these motions stem from the primary core muscles. So, if these muscles are strong you already have a competitive advantage over your competition no matter what the sport is.
    5. Improved brain function and an increase in cognitive activity can be seen with regular suspension training. The demands on your stabilizer muscles through a suspension training regimen cause the neurons to fire on both sides of the brain while maintaining the body's balance and stability. I'd like to recommend the following video which demonstrates 70 different suspension training exercises.
70 Suspension Training Exercises
I hope you have found this blog post informative and helpful. Until next time... stay active!!!
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