Sunday, February 16, 2014

Will a punching bag workout increase weight loss?

Compared to other calorie burning activities such as jogging a heavy bag workout can burn up to three times the calories in the same amount of time spent jogging. Keep in mind that the intensity level of your workout is what will determine your weight loss. Additionally, you will be ripping core muscles, building muscle, toning your entire body and transforming yourself into an explosive athlete.
 Assuming you already have the appropriate exercise equipment, we'll discuss the best way to approach your heavy bag workout strategy to maximize the weight loss/fat burning benefit in the least amount of time. My next blog entry I'll offer guidelines to determining the equipment that is right for you.
Here are some ways to keep up the intensity level...
Break up your workout into rounds with a rest in between rounds. I use an APP called Boxing Timer Pro (costs $2.99) not only for the heavy bag workout but for my suspension trainer exercises as it keeps me aware of the duration of the exercise and rest periods. One of the nice features of this APP is you can easily alter your round and rest duration as your conditioning improves. As a benchmark, a person in average condition should begin with a maximum of five two minute rounds with a one minute rest in between rounds. As you improve increase the duration of each round and decrease the rest period. When you are ready to take it the next level incorporate kicking techniques into your workout. There are many videos on the internet that will show you proper striking technique so if it feels awkward at first don't give up, that feeling will pass in a couple of weeks. You will know your technique is improving when you hear that all inspiring sweet cracking sound every time you execute a kick or punch properly.
Next, focus on your movement, distancing and timing. Throw combinations like: jab; right cross, left hook, right round house; then move, adjusting your angle and distance from the heavy bag each time. Practice the same combinations until they feel fluid as repetition will help to improve your technique and how you piece different combos together. Practice side to side movement all the while maintaining your fight stance. Your objective is to learn how to throw punches and kicks from any distance or angle.
TIP: Imagine a pole has been driven through the center of your hips vertically, this pole acts as a pivot. All techniques revolve around the pole and it forces all techniques to be thrown from the hip (where knock out power comes from). Keep your knees bent and stay on the balls of your feet.
Remember, my next blog post will discuss the equipment such as bags, glove, wraps, and heavy bag mounting systems. Until then, stay active! We invite you to share your comments and experiences. Visit us at Check Boxing Timer Pro app at Boxing Timer Pro 

Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Tips for Mounting a Heavy Punching Bag

1. Are you mounting your heavy bag on the ceiling or the wall?
Assuming that your home has been built with an average level of quality and materials. When mounting to any structure like your home... it is advisable to know what you are mounting to. Example steel or wood studs.

2. Is the structure finished with sheet rock, gypsum, 70's paneling or dry wall?
If yes, you will need a stud finder stat.
If no, you have an array of heavy bag hanger options that us folks with finished walls do not have.

3. Thoughts on single beam suspension.
I do not recommend suspending a heavy bag from a single stud, rafter or joist.
Reason: all of the structural stress is put on that single point. Vibration will take its toll on that single supporting member over time and could cause problems down the road. Not to mention the noise level from your roundhouse will have your family seeking shelter OUTDOORS.

4. Now that we agree on dual beam suspension...
You can safely hang a punching bag that weighs more than 40 pounds. lol

5. Setting the optimum heavy bag height to reduce noise and vibration.
You will be able to minimize the noise and vibration by setting your bag to the proper height. Here is a link that will take you to a power point slide that I put together. Follow the link to set the optimum height for your situation. P.S. don't laugh at my bedhead

I hope you found this helpful. I'd like to invite you to share a comment or experience with us.
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Heavy Bag Training

Heavy Bag What?
I invented The Silencer Mount so that I could take full advantage of the full body workout that you can achieve from using a heavy bag to train. Now although it may seem like an advanced exercise, by starting slow and building yourself up, we can achieve phenomenal fitness results through a fun exercise routine designed around a heavy bag. I want to share with you some simple tips and exercises to remember when using a heavy bag.

There is evidence that use of a standing, or hanging bag to practice striking maneuvers was a tool designed in ancient history through military and combat training and was later adapted into sports and martial arts training. Heavy bag training has worked its way into the home gym, but in my experience led to damaged walls and ceilings, which motivated me to design The Silencer CeilingMount which provides better support for the hanging bag by distributing weight. I don’t have to hold back now, for fear of inheriting a wall patch job after my workout, I can take my exercise regime to the next level.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcome to The Silencer Mount - Health and Fitness Blog

Welcome The Silencer Blog - Where I share my health and fitness experience and can hopefully provide some benefit as you achieve your wellness goals.

You will find information here about - heavy bag training, suspension training, equipment mounting, exercises, technique, diet and more - I just have to get around to writing it.

Now everyone out there will tell you that the new, fit, you is going to require hardwork and determination, a sensible diet, and a consistent schedule, which is all true, but I want to provide you with a variety of information, that you can use as you build your health regiment, one that works for you.

Now with a hectic schedule, trying to balance work and family, let alone fitting health into the mix, it becomes difficult to keep up and we often neglect our health in our pursuit for a career and demands of our families.

Today's blog is about recognizing that there is time to take care of ourselves. As a father and husband, you can take it from me, balancing responsibility and commitment with my health is just one more thing you don't want to worry about. I'm going to tell you that you should worry about it, because without our health, whats a job, and without our health, what happens to the family. Balancing your wellness is a key part of work-life balance and an important way that we can motivate ourselves to stay healthy, mentally and physically.

The Silencer Heavy Bag Mount - Suspension Training Mount

The Silencer, Ceiling Mount is a premium quality mounting system for hanging heavy bags, punching bags and suspension trainers in your home gym. The free range of motion of our patented design drastically reduces noise, vibrations and wear and tear to your walls and ceilings.

The Silencer Ceiling Mount brings the training exercises of elite sports professionals and fitness aficionados right to your home while protecting your plaster and drywall. Combined with a thoughtful diet, suspension and heavy bag training can become a full body workout that helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals and The Silencer is the best mounting system for protecting your home.