Monday, February 3, 2014

Heavy Bag Training

Heavy Bag What?
I invented The Silencer Mount so that I could take full advantage of the full body workout that you can achieve from using a heavy bag to train. Now although it may seem like an advanced exercise, by starting slow and building yourself up, we can achieve phenomenal fitness results through a fun exercise routine designed around a heavy bag. I want to share with you some simple tips and exercises to remember when using a heavy bag.

There is evidence that use of a standing, or hanging bag to practice striking maneuvers was a tool designed in ancient history through military and combat training and was later adapted into sports and martial arts training. Heavy bag training has worked its way into the home gym, but in my experience led to damaged walls and ceilings, which motivated me to design The Silencer CeilingMount which provides better support for the hanging bag by distributing weight. I don’t have to hold back now, for fear of inheriting a wall patch job after my workout, I can take my exercise regime to the next level.