Wednesday, May 7, 2014


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The short answer is 
"stabilizer muscles"

Why are stabilizer muscle groups so important to train?

In a one word answer "ATHLETICISM"
Here is a bit of science behind the mechanics that make your body perform every movement.
A signal comes from the brain telling the body to move a limb but it is not quite so simple...

Within this signal are several sub-signals.
First, the brain tells the stabilizer muscles to tighten up the joints, bones and spine basically aligning the skeletal frame so that when it does move it will not injure any part of itself.
Now that the brain has received an "all clear" signal another signal is transmitted to the larger mobility muscles which do the grunt work and carry out the movement.

It would be very difficult to time this sequence of events to perform a single movement. However, try and look at it from a sporting perspective by breaking down individual movements into milliseconds.
In laymen terms, strong stabilizer muscles get their job done faster so that the mobility muscle groups can perform their task more quickly.

Having said all that you now see the link between the stabilizer muscles and the brain. We hear many experts telling us that working stabilizers enhances brain activity and this is the reason why.
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