Friday, March 14, 2014

Wrap it up... I'll take it!

We've discussed everything from how to mount a heavy bag from the ceiling, punching bag materials and types of filling. 
Naturally, we'll discuss bag gloves and hand wraps next.
First things first, you need to protect your hands from injury before you strike the bag with hand wraps.
You can purchase hand/wrist wraps in any sporting goods department or sports store for under $10. 
The most important thing to know about wrapping your hands is how to tie your hand wraps properly.
Below is a video link that shows proper technique for wrapping your hands and wrists. 

How to tie hand wraps for heavy punching bag training

Selecting Bag Gloves
Due to the vast array of boxing gloves available we will discuss only gloves used for heavy bag workouts. 
There are gloves which have been specially designed for heavy bag training that are equipped with high density foam to help absorb the impact.
Some glove manufacturers have added another special feature such as Velcro wrist wraps for added wrist support. 
Higher end gloves are made with cow hide leather in the larger sections of the glove where less expensive gloves use a mix of synthetics and/or lower quality leathers. Most bag gloves range between $30 and $70 and can be found at your local sports store. 
If you decide that you would like to compete in one of the AWESOME fight sports then you will want to spend some additional time researching the many variables for these types of gloves.
A good place to start would be to discuss gloves with an experienced fighter at the club where you are training. 
Ideally, to compete you will need three pairs of gloves.
1. Heavy bag training gloves 
2. Sparring gloves
3. Competition boxing gloves
You will also need some additional sparring equipment such as head gear and shin guards (for MMA or Kickboxing).
Remember, wrapping your wrists and hands is essential in preventing arthritis.

My next blog post will discuss the benefits of suspension training. 
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