Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Silencer Heavy Bag Mount - Suspension Training Mount

The Silencer, Ceiling Mount is a premium quality mounting system for hanging heavy bags, punching bags and suspension trainers in your home gym. The free range of motion of our patented design drastically reduces noise, vibrations and wear and tear to your walls and ceilings.

The Silencer Ceiling Mount brings the training exercises of elite sports professionals and fitness aficionados right to your home while protecting your plaster and drywall. Combined with a thoughtful diet, suspension and heavy bag training can become a full body workout that helps you to achieve your health and fitness goals and The Silencer is the best mounting system for protecting your home. 

Heavy Bag training is a trademark of boxing, kickboxing and MMA sports professionals. You can achieve tremendous levels of fitness by adding exercises designed around the use of a hanging bag to your routine. The Silencer can support up to a 200lb heavy bag. A heavy bag can also be used to develop self defense technique while still providing the same fitness benefit. 

Suspension training, originally a military exercise, has become a main stream workout that focuses on the core while using your hanging body weight to maximize the intensity of otherwise simple exercises such as the push up.

Visit to learn more about how The Silencer Mounting System can help you add heavy bag or suspension training to your regiment.


Please ensure that any exercises you undertake are of your fitness level and be aware of your physical limitations.


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