Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Tips for Mounting a Heavy Punching Bag

1. Are you mounting your heavy bag on the ceiling or the wall?
Assuming that your home has been built with an average level of quality and materials. When mounting to any structure like your home... it is advisable to know what you are mounting to. Example steel or wood studs.

2. Is the structure finished with sheet rock, gypsum, 70's paneling or dry wall?
If yes, you will need a stud finder stat.
If no, you have an array of heavy bag hanger options that us folks with finished walls do not have.

3. Thoughts on single beam suspension.
I do not recommend suspending a heavy bag from a single stud, rafter or joist.
Reason: all of the structural stress is put on that single point. Vibration will take its toll on that single supporting member over time and could cause problems down the road. Not to mention the noise level from your roundhouse will have your family seeking shelter OUTDOORS.

4. Now that we agree on dual beam suspension...
You can safely hang a punching bag that weighs more than 40 pounds. lol

5. Setting the optimum heavy bag height to reduce noise and vibration.
You will be able to minimize the noise and vibration by setting your bag to the proper height. Here is a link that will take you to a power point slide that I put together. Follow the link to set the optimum height for your situation. P.S. don't laugh at my bedhead

I hope you found this helpful. I'd like to invite you to share a comment or experience with us.
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